Christina Zeidler

Cross-Disciplinary Artist and Designer

Christina Zeidler is a cross-disciplinary artist and designer whose practice is informed by creative collaboration. As a curator and entrepreneur she is interested in building trust with cultural communities and communities of artists by creating space for people to engage in creative risk taking.

She founded the iconic Come Up To My Room (The Gladstone Hotel’s Alternative Design Show) to provide such a space for designers and artists to play. This approach has informed her work as the “chief alchemist” of The Gladstone Hotel. Wearing the dual hats of developer and entrepreneur, Zeidler set out in 2003 to renovate and revitalize the building using a community based approach.

Her approach to management is distinctly feminist as The Gladstone Hotel upholds a strong anti-oppression framework through its operations. With 37 unique artist designed hotel rooms, a multi-use second floor, a restaurant, and two bars, The Gladstone Hotel is more than just a hotel, it is a hub for the arts which fosters the local community while providing instant access to the arts scene for those traveling to Toronto.