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A Discourse on Perception


Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Thu, Feb 15, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Daniels Spectrum

585 Dundas Street East


Executed as a hybrid of sculpture and painting, Justin Mencel extracts dimension from graphic forms on flat shaped panels, creating a simplified realism that appears to float in close proximity to the viewer, ambiguous of a definitive relationship to the environment.

For each work, custom built interlocking wood substrates are constructed to form a silhouette that matches the anticipated contour of the future painting. The result is an irregular negative space framed by the surrounding wall area, producing the appearance of a suspended three dimensional object.

Utilizing a fixed vantage point, the series explores our perception and the difference between what we determine to be an object or it’s representation. Composed using a restricted palette and mathematical progressions to obtain a sense of minimal order.

The exhibit will feature a sample of work from Justin Mencel installed at the Daniels Spectrum building.

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Justin Mencel