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A.S.1 (series)


Tue, Jan 15, 2019 — Fri, Mar 15, 2019


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Cutler and Gross

758 Queen Street West


The window of Cutler and Gross will exhibit one selection taken from a current series of variations on a single design.

“Executed as a hybrid of sculpture and painting, my structures explore the distance between presumption and certainty. Realized as a dimensional arrangement on a flat plane, demonstrating an observers inability to see beyond the superficial face presented by a subject. When viewed in this way, the singular vantage point offers no allowance for full comprehension of an individual’s true nature.

My work involves the fabrication of custom made wood substrates, constructed to form a silhouette dictated by the anticipated contour of the future painting, resulting in the appearance of a three dimensional object floating in space. Compositions take form by relating narratives to numbers and allowing the geometry to unfold. The aesthetic of my subject matter is largely influenced by the innocence of primitive children’s toys, free of prejudice, and reflective of unsullied curiosity.”

– Justin Mencel

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Justin Mencel