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Adørn: Objects for Better Living


Tue, Jan 17, 2017 — Sat, Feb 25, 2017





Location Accessible

Latitude 44 Gallery

2900 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON
M6P 1Y8


Sat, Jan 21, 3-7pm
Stop by for an afternoon of treats, tea, and hot chocolate.

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10:00 am

7:00 pm


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‘Adørn: Objects for Better Living’ exhibits a collection of objects designed by Toronto product and jewellery designer, Jade Dumrath. During her Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing BFA, completed at NSCAD University, Jade forged a strong relationship between her passion for craft and design expressed through her work. Following her formal education in craft, Jade explored her interest in accessory design while working as a Product Designer for Umbra Ltd. In summer 2016, Jade began a design residency at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre, where she continues to create, explore, and expand her practice.

‘Adørn: Objects for Better Living’ serves as a reminder and illustration of Jade’s inspirations and Danish heritage. The Scandinavian motto of creating objects that enhance everyday life experiences informs the design and creation of Jade’s work. Jade combines traditional and contemporary craft and design processes and materials, creating dynamic objects for the home that are both functional and aesthetically enhancing.

Jade is inspired by large, joyful family gatherings, like those celebrated by her family growing up. Jade was more captivated by the ceremonial objects used during a gathering, rather than the dinner itself; “Two tall candles in metal candelabras that were lit during prayers, the ornate cutting board presenting the Challah bread under a patterned silk napkin, and the many vases around the house and on the table prepared by me and my mother with flowers brought by our guests.” Recognizing a tender interaction with these objects in her home, Jade strives to create a similar intimate experience for her audience through the interactive properties of her objects. By adding kinetic elements, a playful, dynamic experience is fostered between her work and audience. From childhood, Jade believed objects should enhance everyday life, not only through adorning one’s surroundings, but also through an experiential quality of movement. Jade believes “We must excite our inner child any chance we get by creating, connecting, and playing.”, and she aspires to awaken and nurture this in herself and her audience during ‘Adørn: Objects for Better Living’.



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