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Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 21, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible


752 Queen Street West


Alignment is the result of a collaboration of materials, design, and vision. After working alongside each other as Artists-In-Residence at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, Silvia and Pasha have decided to blend their aesthetics together for the purpose of creating this installation. In their individual practices, Silvia and Pasha are each inspired by traditional forms and industrial shapes. Historically, glass and brass have been used in combination to create both decorative objects and industrial products. Silvia and Pasha are intrigued that this classic pairing of materials can be found in so many different contexts, why not in a window installation too?

Alignment focuses on the juxtaposing qualities of brass and glass and aims to present them in a window facade that both reflects and emits light. In this installation, Silvia and Pasha mix geometric patterns; commonly seen in Pasha’s jewellery designs, with calculated suspension; a focal point of Silvia’s glass installation work. Each component is made of a combination of lathe-formed brass and hot-sculpted glass. The components are strung together with cable in a composition of repeating diagonal and straight lines, creating a sense of movement and speed.

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Silvia Taylor & Pasha Moezzi