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BEAT Talk with HOK


Mon, Jan 21, 2019

6:30 pm — 8:30 pm




Free, but requires RSVP

RSVP contact: www.BEAToronto.com

Location Accessible

HOK Toronto

400 University Avenue, Suite 2200


BEAT Talks are a monthly series of discussions held at the offices of varying architects across the city. Hosts share their learned experience and provide a window into the diverse ways to practice architecture.

BEAT is proud to announce that the upcoming session will be hosted by HOK Architects on the evening of January 21, 2019. This event will showcase HOK’s Diversity Council and panel style discussion with their three co-chaired committee heads: Damon Sheppard (Washington), Shiva Mendez (San Francisco), Peter Mosanyi (St. Louis). HOK Diversity Advisory Council’s mission is to promote an inclusive business ​​environment and a culture where people with varied backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience can work to meet global client needs with creative and innovative solutions. The objective of the event is to provide a platform for dialogue, networking and mentorship while supporting and advancing equality within the architecture profession.


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Damon Sheppard, Shiva Mendez, Peter Mosanyi