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Thu, Jan 5, 2017 — Mon, Jan 30, 2017


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Spacing Store

401 Richmond Street West
(northeast entrance), Suite B-02
Toronto ON
M5V 3A8

Daily Hours


24 hours


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24 hours


24 hours


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24 hours


As an award-winning magazine and bricks and mortar store, Spacing critically engages with the urban infrastructure of our city. Public transit, sustainable development, community planning, cycling infrastructure, parks, and public art — these things inspire the curious urban citizen to think about how they can shape the public spaces they spend time in each day.

Inspired by both conceptual and physical building blocks, Erin MacKeen will create an urban tower in the window of the Spacing Store made entirely from hand-folded paper cubes. Using back issues of the magazine as the primary material, each building block will provide a glimpse into the countless images and stories that Spacing has addressed over the years. The individual blocks will be modular and minimal, fragmenting the text and graphics of the magazine into visually intriguing, deconstructed moments. They will also reference the movement of construction, scattered and floating, coming together to create the central form. Like a city, they nod to how a thriving structure is a collective of individual and varied components that is ultimately larger than the sum of its parts.

Erin MacKeen is a Toronto-based artist represented by Yumart Gallery. She is an abstract painter, maker, and creator of sculptural paper installations. From a very young age, Erin was utterly charmed by the way a regular piece of paper could be transformed into a 3D object using a few simple folds. The fascination with this magical material and process now informs the artwork she designs and folds with a focus on building ephemeral structures. Erin enjoys the design challenge of unconventional materials and spaces and the opportunity to inspire wonder.

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