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Sat, Dec 16, 2017 — Wed, Jan 31, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Image Foundry Toronto

1581 Dupont Street


This is the story of ten little birch boxes with a ghost-like face printed on back lit paper, a blur reminder of our forgotten dolls from our childhood. Lit by LED lights, the shining ghosts will remind us of our nightmarish and confused childhood, memories, a reflective mirror of the legends and stories we loved to hear before going to bed … and change the world.

The cubic structures are 12”x12”, lit from the inside by LED lights. They will be displayed at the Image Foundry gallery on Dupont Street.

Claude Miceli & Jean-Christian Knaff are French and Canadian designers and artists working and living in Toronto. Claude is a sculptor and a designer. She has been teaching at OCAD University in the Art and Design Faculty. Jean-Christian is a painter/illustrator and an international award winning designer, who teaches at OCAD University as an Associate Professor. Their creation extends to writing books/scripts, art installations and events, sculpture and painting exhibitions, costume design, animation, and art direction. They designed and art directed Nuit Blanche 2009 ‘Moon-Een on McCaul’ for OCAD University, as well as Nuit Blanche Toronto 2015 ‘Fragile’ and 2016 ‘Maison Home’.

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Claude Miceli, Jean-Christian Knaff