Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
exhibition online

Investigating the emotional implication of past traumas, ‘Co-dependent’ uses shared but unique experiences as a driving force. Artists Nadira Narine and Olivia Mae Sinclair come together to utilize their distinct perspectives to share in a dialogue about what trauma means to them.

Olivia Mae Sinclair is a Sheridan Textiles graduate, OCADU MFA candidate, and teaching assistant. She is addicted to infatuation, sloppy craft and Redbull. She is a maker of books, love and other grotesque things. Typically books made from fabric are intended for children and infants. However, Olivia Mae Sinclair’s books are made for lovers, survivors, artists, her, him, them, and me. Her previous theme, ‘Infatuation and Anxiety,’ talks about the pain that one goes through while in a short-term sexual relationship. It is and was a confessional style that speaks directly to Sinclair’s traumas with sexual violence and heartbreak. She is currently moving away from holding onto the pain and turning it into a satirical and playful approach to healing.

Raised in Panama City, Nadira Narine has a deep interest in her cultural roots. Having lived in Canada for nine years, she explores objects and memories from her childhood as a means of self-discovery and connection to “home”. Nadira has always felt “ni de aqui ni de alla” growing up with multiple cultural influences and a lot of childhood trauma, she has never felt like she belongs. Narine has been working on making objects that will ground her and creating a new narrative of her life. Nadira Narine is a current Artist-in-Residence (Glass) at Harbourfront Centre and recipient of the 2020 DesignTO Juror’s Choice award.


Nadira Narine, Olivia Mae Sinclair


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