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Creators Connections


Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Sun, Jan 27, 2019


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Helen + Hildegard

1174 Queen Street West



Reception: Fri, Jan 18, 4-7pm


The art of quillwork and quillbox making is an Anishinabe tradition that has been all over Ojibwe territory for hundreds of years. The continued practice of doing, listening to stories and experiences concerning material from an elder/learned teacher is one of the best ways of being a good craftsperson. Learning and practicing a connection to Earth Mother before, during, and after is essential to being thankful for having the knowledge of our elders who teach us to pass on the traditional learning. Having the ability to take the time in our lives to go out among the trees and earth to know what to search for and all that is connected to the materials is integrated with the art. The main supplies used in quillbox making are wiingush (sweetgrass), gowii (porcupine quills) and wiigwaas (birch bark).

On the opening day of the festival, January 18 between 4-7pm, the artist will be present to discuss her designs in person and to share some unique foods from her Anishinabe tradition.


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