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Death and Dying Discussions


Thu, Jan 24, 2019 — Fri, Jan 25, 2019




Keynote is free, RSVP here; Mini-Symposium tickets are $30, Students $10 — Click here to purchase.

Location Accessible

OCAD University

100 McCaul Street


Death, for the majority, is conceptualized as a medically oriented event. As seniors make up Canada’s fastest growing age group, Canadians will increasingly need to confront the experience of end-of-life.

‘Death and Dying Discussions’ is a two-day series of interdisciplinary discussions. It seeks to be a catalyst, to open-up discussion and expressivity around the still relative dominance of the medical perspective in societal concepts of dying and death.

Thursday, January 24, 6:30-8pm

Keynote by Ivor Williams, Royal College of Art 

Williams leads the end-of-life care projects at the Helix Centre, an innovation design lab inside the Institute for Global Health led by Lord Ara Darzi and St Mary’s Hospital in London, UK

Keynote is free to attend, just register to save your seat!

Friday, January 25, 9:30am-6:30pm

Death and Dying Discussions

A mini-symposium on design for end of life, with an exhibition, 12 talks from designers and leaders, and HelloGame play – the easy non-threatening way to start a conversation about what matters most to you by Nick Jehlen of CommonPractice.

Tickets are $30, students tickets are $10, and include lunch! Register today!

Series Description

We are all going to die, so why not talk about it? ‘Dying.’ an event series, explores death through the lens of design and art, running during the DesignTO Festival.

‘Dying.’ is in fact about living, living with the human experience of dying; What aren’t we talking about? What matters at end-of-life? Bringing together perspectives from families, caregivers, clinicians, and research to spark public conversation through community creation and interactive experiences. The series invites us to think about our relationship with death and dying as an individual, a member of a family, social network and as a human being in society. Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start talking about what truly matters.

‘Dying.’ presented by Taboo Health and OCAD University’s Design Studio, is taking place at four exhibits across three locations including public talks and hands on activities in Toronto, January 18-27, 2019.

‘Dying.’ Series
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– Death and Dying Discussions – click here
– DIYing Free – click here
– Ghost Stories – click here
– Time Moving – Exhibition – click here
– Time Moving – Workshop – click here
– Until the Last Breath – click here

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Ivor Williams, Nick Jehlen, Kate Sellen, Karen Oikonen, Gary Rodin