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Death and Dying Discussions


Thu, Jan 24, 2019 — Fri, Jan 25, 2019




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OCAD University

100 McCaul Street

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5:00 pm

10:00 pm


8:00 am

5:00 pm


Death, for the majority, is conceptualized as a medically oriented event. As seniors make up Canada’s fastest growing age group, Canadians will increasingly need to confront the experience of end-of-life. A more comprehensive approach to end-of-life encompasses a broader range of non-medical options and concerns, interpersonal relationships, life experiences, spiritual values, personal beliefs and preferences. There is a discernible movement towards a non-medical approach, and one that is being reflected in the growing engagement of the design community in participatory work that challenges design techniques and practice.

‘Death and Dying Discussions’ is a two-day series of interdisciplinary discussions. It will provide an opportunity to reflect on a number of events and exhibitions at DesignTO related to death and dying, facilitating dialogue about the multiplicity of ways in which design collaborations might push the boundaries of participatory techniques to engage with these issues. ‘Death and Dying Discussions’ seeks to be a catalyst, to open-up discussion and expressivity around the still relative dominance of the medical perspective in societal concepts of dying and death. These discussions will connect across interrelated spheres – the academy, medicine, the broader public, and the art and design community.

The ‘Death and Dying’ series explores the theme of end of life through the lens of design and art. Through participatory and observational experiences, the Series invites you to think about your relationship with death and dying as an individual, a member of a family and social network and as a human being in society. The ‘Death and Dying’ series is a collaboration between OCAD University’s Design for Health graduate program and TABOO Health.

‘Death and Dying’ Series 
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Ivor Williams, Nick Jehan, Kate Sellen, Karen Oikonen, Gary Rodin