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Designing Privacy


Wed, Jan 18, 2017

7:00 pm — 9:00 pm




Free, but requires RSVP

RSVP contact: [email protected]



111 Jarvis St. (upstairs)
Toronto ON
M5C 2H4


Department of Unusual Certainties and Pantopicon invite you to Designing Privacy — an event that poses the question “how can we use design to address privacy in today’s context?”

Privacy and security is a topic that is becoming increasingly critical. Technology has changed daily life to a point where we often interact with it unknowingly, and without much thought as to how it works or how our actions linger in the digital world. Design can play a crucial role in how we manage privacy in the future, but there is currently no consensus on what guides that role.

The night will begin with a cross-industry panel discussion exploring different topics and perspectives around the implications of privacy. Topics include current methods of maintaining privacy; what privacy means to individuals, groups and businesses; how the landscapes of design and digital technology are changing policy; and what the future of privacy might look like.

Following the panel discussion guests will participate in a workshop to generate a collaborative code of conduct that can be used as a guide for designers to help them contend with issues of privacy.

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