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Eco-Design Symposium


Sat, Jan 19, 2019

10:00 am — 5:00 pm




$25, Click here to purchase

Location Accessible

The Bakery

2 Fraser Avenue


The ‘Eco Design Symposium’ will bring together designers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and students around the theme of ecological design within the context of the unfolding eco-crisis.

An eco-crisis is defined as the collapse of ecosystems and biodiversity due to changes in the environment. The plight of the coral, birds, bees, humans, forests, aquifers, and more all bear witness to an unfolding global eco-crisis.

Each action we take, as designers, engineers, architects, is amplified by a thousand, a million times when our designs are realized as buildings, roads, earthworks, sewers, products, and more. We have a unique opportunity to positively and directly intervene in the eco-crisis. We can deploy ideas that promote ecosystems and encourage biodiversity.

The goals of this symposium are to:
– Foster conversations about designers role in the eco-crisis
– Share examples of ecological design in action
– Facilitate networking among likeminded people.

Keywords: Pro-active, Pragmatic, Direct Action

10am — Introduction
10:30 — Presentations and Roundtable 1
12:30 — Lunch (please bring your own lunch or purchase in the area)
1:30 — Presentations and Roundtable 2
3:30-5pm — Unconference facilitated by Speakers and Attendees
7:30pm  — Social (offsite)

For more information, and to get tickets, visit: ecodesignsymposium.ca
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Eric Davies, Christina Cholkan, Daimen Hardie, Ya'el Santopinto, Rob Avis, Chris Magwood