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Thu, Jan 17, 2019 — Thu, Jan 31, 2019


Window Installations



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South Hill Home

146 Dupont Street


South Hill Home has commissioned Vancouver-based lighting designer Matthew McCormick to create an immersive showroom window installation for DesignTO.

Aesthetically minimal yet full of movement and sensuality, ‘EFFERVESCENCE’ is a bespoke installation that features McCormick’s celebrated Halo light. The SHH collaboration, located at 146 Dupont Street in the charming and historic South Hill District of Toronto, the installation will feature a series of pendants cascading from ceiling to floor creating the illusion of playful, dancing bubbles.

Originally conceived as a graphical interpretation of effervescence, the Halo series is a bold family of lighting fixtures inspired by the golden bubbles floating in an Italian prosecco. Using softly curved edges and organic forms, SHH curates an installation that is whimsical and engaging with notions of both weightlessness and mass. Not a reality perceived — but a reality imagined.

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Matthew McCormick