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For in For Loop


Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Sun, Jan 27, 2019


Window Installations



Location Accessible


33 Harbour Square, #202


The installation showcases a computer generated series of silkscreen prints: each is a variation of a grid or, speaking in programming terms, each was created by using a for loop inside a for loop and then hand-printed in four layers. The involvement of programming in the process of creation made it possible to achieve intricate and sophisticated shapes and patterns, while screen printing added a human touch and tactility to designs originally generated by a strict set of rules.

This body of work explores the notion of art-making or any creative endeavour as a game, a process of playing within predetermined or yet to be discovered limitations caused by either material, location, tools or any other constraint that establishes “the rules” to play by. By choosing two very different processes of creation: programming and working with hands and inks the artist got a very specific set of limitations to work around. While these two ways of working requiring very different sets of skills made the creation of each print to be a more complex process, on the other hand it provided the artist with more freedom as it allowed her to concentrate sharper on fewer possibilities and variations to create the most diverse outcome possible. The quote from Ian Bogost’s book expresses well the virtue of imposed restrictions: “Boredom is the secret to releasing pleasure. Once something becomes so tedious that its purpose becomes secondary to its nature, then the real work can start.”


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Nadya Eidelstein