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Future Legacies: Design for Canada’s Next 150 Years


Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 21, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Neighbourhood Arts Network

32 Camden Street


In parallel with Volume 37: Future Legacies and in conjunction with the 2017 celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, the editors of The Site Magazine launched a competition inviting submissions that, through design, would take a position on the future history of Canada’s national project. Entrants were challenged to develop proposals that considered the nation’s history and current context, and simultaneously offered new perspectives on the role of legacy as a driving force in the creation of the nation.

The competition brief called for a re-evaluation of the Canadian national project, considering various scales of site and time—from human to geological—and addressing Canada’s many readings, layers, realities, and identities. We received submissions from across the nation, as well as seven different countries internationally. The work reflects a spectrum of Canadian geography, culture, population, and politics, and raises pertinent questions to be considered as we move forward collectively.

Future Legacies: Design for Canada’s Next 150 Years is a selection of the winning work produced for this competition, bringing radical, exciting, and accessible ideas for Canada’s future.

Image Credits:

Cover image: Shelley Long
Image 01: Sarah Gunawan
Image 02: Karan Manchanda
Image 03: Ali Navidbakhsh

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The Site Magazine with Ali Navidbakhsh, Evan Wakelin, Karan Manchanda, Sarah Gunawan, Shelley Long, Anna Longrigg, Jason McMillan, Fionn Byrne, Kyung-Kuhn Lee, Mamata Guragain, Nubras Samayeen, Mitchell Gray, Rob McIntosh