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Good Vibes Only


Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Fri, Jan 25, 2019


Window Installations




Anti Vice

853 College Street



Opening Reception: Fri, Jan 18, 6-9pm


Urban living can be stressful and its accumulation can lead to mental health concerns and declines in personal wellbeing. Where does our city stand then in terms of understanding and helping citizens cope with such pressures? Can a transformation in our urban environment help alleviate that stress? ‘Good Vibes Only’ broadcasts the joyous moments of community members and weaves these individual experiences into a collective narrative. With a mixture of classic cartoons and user-generated instagram content, the interactive installation looks to inject happiness and positivity in the neighbourhood through laughter. The bold retro colours and messages framed by a positive narrative cut through the white and grey of Toronto’s harsh winter, thus creating a space of shared experience and welcoming atmosphere. In a city where our mental health is the trade off for success, separation of the self and isolation is inevitable to a metropolitan lifestyle. Perhaps the cure we have been seeking for is being mindful of the simple pleasures we come across and be reminded that we are not alone.

Collaborators: Julie Hong, Lisa Qiu, Luc Palombo, Isla Den, Jordan Janus


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Boris Yu, Lacey Ford, Pearl Lee