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If you build it…


Wed, Jan 18, 2017

6:30 pm — 8:00 pm






Philip Sparks Tailored Goods Inc.

130 Cawthra Avenue, Unit 107
Toronto ON

Daily Hours


6:30 pm

8:00 pm


At a time when creative ideas are more likely to be outsourced than made in house, it is time to rediscover how the act of creating something beautiful with your own hands can spark innovation in design. Exploring that theme in the worlds of preservation, furniture making, and fashion, The Globe and Mail’s style columnist Nathalie Atkinson asks Alexandre Fida, Lubo Brezina, and Philip Sparks how their practices pursue a sustainable and inspiring approach to making.


In March 2017, Philip Sparks Tailored Goods celebrates 10 years in business. Over the past decade, the label has produced luxury men’s-wear collections sold through Holt Renfrew, La Maison Simons, Hudson’s Bay Company, and more. While others pushed for overseas production and instant gratification via fast fashion, Philip Sparks slowed things down, refined his craft and focused equally on the experience of creating clothing and the quality of the final product.


Alex Fida was born in Geneva, Switzerland and, at the tender age of one, immigrated to Canada and Prince Edward County. He started his design degree in Florence before graduating with honours from Ryerson University’s interior design program. Returning to his roots in the county, he runs Angeline’s Inn in Bloomfield, and is restoring The House of Falconer in Picton. Preservation, adaptive re-use, and design are what make him tick.


Lubo Brezina’s philosophy is to convey a sense of structure, detail of joinery, an essence of material, and a simple aesthetic that deals with proportion and mass. His interest is in conveying a sensitivity to wood and its applications. There is an intrinsic belief in craftsmanship: that the quality of work will speak for itself.


Nathalie Atkinson is an award-winning freelance arts and culture writer, editor and film critic, and a columnist for The Globe and Mail. She writes about books, fashion, food and film, and is a member of the Toronto Film Critics’ Association. She is also the guest programmer of The Revue cinema‘s ongoing “Designing the Movies” series.



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