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IKEA Hacking: The Cure for the Common Designer


Sun, Jan 22, 2017

1:00 pm — 3:00 pm





RSVP contact: [email protected]

Location Accessible

The Assembly Hall

1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Etobicoke ON
M8V 4B6

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IKEA Hacking: The Cure for the Common Designer – curious, clever, creative expose of IKEA hacks – 10 years in the making.

Blame it all on the flat-packing. Not everyone assembles IKEA products according to the provided instructions or uses them as intended – those individuals are called ‘IKEA Hackers.’ IKEA hackers turn salad bowls into speakers, they do ‘mid-century modern’ with repurposed IKEA boxes, or they ‘cut the legs down’ so it fits better. And sometimes, they make art out of it. People are really creative with what comes in that brown box! Join me – the world’s first professional IKEA Hacker – as I take you through time back to when it all started.

Event highlights:

1) Hear the greatest urban legend ever told! Do you shop at IKEA? Well, then you are already a part of it…

2) Tag along for a visual journey of IKEA Hacking as framed within IKEA’s own design history, which Swedish designs proved to be the ‘movers and shakers’.

3) IKEA’s market share managed to create its own ‘IKEA ecosystem’ – a commercially viable microeconomy – who does it and what? What are the trends?

4) Be a part of a global movement! Learn how to be a hacker yourself! Learn how it is good for you, good for the economy, and good for the planet.

5) IKEA first hated the hackers, but loves them now? What changed? Find out! Hear a quasi-legal opinion of this design movement as I expose IKEA’s smartest move to date (….of course other than flat-packing).

6) I will answer questions and encourage a discussion among participants! Come in, and let’s chat. IKEA Etobicoke is just 9 min drive north of here…

RSVP + attend this event for a chance to win a cool IKEA hack.






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