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inventory, winter 2019


Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Sun, Jan 27, 2019


Window Installations



Location Accessible

uoai studio

264a Christie Street


Found metal, rubber objects, barrel-fired porcelain, road tar, leather, wood, flashe paint, handmade charcoal and pine tar.

This is an installation of small works presented with a selection of locally found objects that are considered spent, used or waste. It is a questioning of context, where we place value, as well as a personal reconciling of objects, their material make-up, and connecting them to thoughts on provenance, or histories, socio-political concerns, meteoritic events, or resources.

“My sculptural practice is informed by found metal and rubber objects that are unidentifiable, displaced and no longer functioning in their intended role. I am interested in questioning notions of materials being exhaustible or ‘waste’. Exploring context, value, balance, and precarity, these objects that no longer function as they were intended, retain the ability to communicate, connect and reveal. I am motivated to further derive materials from what already exists, what exists as spent or used, and relating these explorations to a physical place and time. The work offers a contemplation of the possibilities of objects after they’ve exhausted their original use.”

– Kristine Mifsud


Image credit: Kristine Mifsud

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Kristine Mifsud