Koncept Collective
Jan 22
Jan 31 2021

e3 Koncept will explore the notion of adaptation through rigid structures. The physical structures, at first glance, seem rigid, fixed in place but will be mutable. The individual can push forward through the installation to represent one’s challenge of adaptation through such rigidity. The single personal journey of adaption through the rigid yet mutable structures, for each visitor, will be recorded and broadcasted to show the accumulation of the collective. Our intent is to experience the sensation of community building exemplifying the personal becoming a part of a dynamic collective through the adaption of challenges within our rigid structures.

The interactive experience will assimilate each visitor into the piece. The installation at first glance will be seen as an obstacle to pass through. The structures will give the illusion of rigidity yet allows for movement once interacted with. One will no longer view the structures as rigid challenges to navigate and will adapt with their new understanding. The visitor will go through these structures alone to be met with the tapes of others who navigated this path before them. All visitors will have their walk through the structures recorded from an aerial perspective. When the visitor exits the path there will be a wall projecting the experiences of all those before them, creating a sense of community. This dynamic collective is built through each individual’s adaptation to the seemingly rigid structures. The accumulation of tapes broadcasted with each visitor will offer an immersive experience, where their interaction will have a lasting impact on the installation.

‘Koncept Collective’ is one of the many exhibitions and window installations happening at stackt market as part of the 2021 DesignTO Festival.


e3 Koncept (Mana Mojaver, Rushmita Alam, Alex Braams-Diamond)


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Mana Mojaver
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