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Light Up Other Peoples’ Brains


Fri, Jan 19, 2018

5:00 pm — 9:00 pm






Toronto School of Art

980 Dufferin Street, 2nd Floor


Imagine you could reach into another person’s brain and change the way they feel about the world. What would you do with that power? What if you already had that power? Light Up Other Peoples’ Brains is a collection of interactive installations that showcase how empathy works in the human brain.

You will be immersed in “real-time” brain scans of people telling, and listening to, a story, and you will see how the brain activity of listeners can “mirror” the brain activity of the storyteller.

You will discover the power of a smile to change the way other people feel about the world.

You will learn why human brains are much better at understanding problems involving real people compared to abstract concepts and ideas—and how to socially encode your own ideas to help other people see your vision.

Through specially-designed workshop exercises, you will learn how to tell stories that light up other peoples’ brains.

Additional details:
5pm-9pm Installation
7pm-8pm Workshop
Located in the room adjacent to the installation. To participate, arrive promptly by 7pm.


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Chris Graham