Dec 26 2019
Feb 23 2020

Inspired by the nature surrounding it, ‘Lumen/Essence’ is a lighting installation about plants that glow in the night and their potential to light our way with the auras they emit. As we continuously strive for energy efficiency, some scientists are looking to bioluminescent plants as a new set of solutions on how we can brighten up our evenings. Imagine a tree as a street lamp, or a household plant replacing the light on your bed side table.

Set in the middle of a skating rink at Evergreen Brick Works, participants can skate around the installation 360 degrees and watch as the lights, as well as the plants surrounding them, change colours and dance through different organic shapes, patterns and movements. Harsh lines of modern electric light cut through to juxtapose the glow on softer silhouettes of the neighbouring evergreen trees. Together, the lights and trees will light up your way as you wander through and around this magical skating rink.

Evergreen Brick Works is a collection of heritage buildings, transformed into a hub in the heart of Toronto’s ravine system. Frank Donato’s exhibition is situated in the midst of Evergreen’s outdoor skating rink, nestled among the snow covered gardens that rest under the exposed beams of the old brick factory. This busy space offers an active way to experience winter in the city, and adjoins with Winter Village activities with local artisans, craft vendors, cozy campfires and delicious dishes in the newly redeveloped Future Cities Centre.

Frank Donato