MakerWear presented by Daily Goods Design LABS – CANCELLED
Jan 17
Jan 26 2020

Full exhibition cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

A selection of the DGDL’s MakerWear garments to be shown at the show and tell portion of DGDL’s ‘Make, create and innovate‘ event.

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Daily Goods Design LABS presents ‘MakerWear’: a series of garments and accessories made for and by women that want to make, create and innovate within the field of design and technology.

Focused on the tech and tools that we wear and carry on a daily basis, this series of garments and accessories shows us that when we design with women in mind we create garments that are not only useful and practical but also stylish and personal.

Introduction to Daily Goods Design LABS ‘MakerWear’

Daily Goods Design LABS’ mission is to enable and empower people through design and help them to understand the role they can play by providing them opportunities to participate in our design process. The team shares their knowledge and expertise by building and running workshops, events and experiences that everyone can participate in.

See an example of a previous event where participants learned and applied DGDL’s design process

From initial concept to final implementation, Daily Goods Design LABS’ design process consists of three stages: Understand, Explore, Build. Started first by research and observations based on real needs. The garments and accessories in this exhibition are prototypes as one to be further tested in order to create new ideas. DGDL believes that in all cases you should discover through prototypes, research and feedback from people what works and why; before producing and implementing an idea. This results in better solution and products that are innovative.

Garments and accessories to be displayed after the reception in The Gorilla Store at the Ontario Science Centre.


Renn Scott, Ming Li, Alexia Economou, Emma Doyle, Shayn Martens, Friedrich Wing