Matcha byMinistry: Preview – CANCELLED
Jan 23
Jan 27 2020

Due to unforeseen delays, this event will not run during DesignTO Festival (Jan 17-26). You may still sign up for a preview here, but these will take place after January 26.

Experience the green tea speakeasy created by a world-leading design studio. Venture to the back alley of 298 Markham St, where a veiled mural facade conceals a hidden entrance into a truly unique matcha experience. Heavily influenced by found object art, the interior space features classic design pieces rethought to alter both perception and utility, creating an innovative ‘found and altered’ aesthetic where tradition meets contemporary design

A reimagining of the traditional matcha experience with one of the city’s most influential chefs, Ted Corrado (formerly of The Drake), Matcha byMinistry will feature an elevated plant-forward menu featuring adaptogen and superfood infused food and drink. A range of unique product collaborations are also showcased within the space, such as a limited edition Japanese folded steel blades made in collaboration with Tosho Knives and artist Dahae Song, and fashion line collaborations with Tired Labs.

With a mission to normalise a plant-forward lifestyle through high-design, this is the first of byMinistry’s scheduled spaces in 2020, before their flagship design lounge opens later this fall.

This preview is open to guests for the entire week, and DesignTO guests are also offered a complimentary drink when visiting by signing up here.


byMinistry, Ted Corrado, Shauna Levy, Tosho Knives, Dahae Song, Tired Labs


Matcha byMinistry: Preview – CANCELLED