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Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Sun, Jan 27, 2019


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330 King Street East



KEDD Night: Mon, Jan 21, 6-9pm


‘Misfit’ is an artifact of the material explorations BCA conducted as part of the design for [Misfit]fit, a project which sought to build upon the rich lineage of Toronto’s precast concrete history in proposing an alternative to the glass curtain wall pervasive in current constructions. Precast concrete has an important history in the city’s development, where it was leveraged for its efficiency by a vast number of buildings across the city, becoming an integral part of Toronto’s aesthetic identity.

This building system has largely fallen out of favour in the popular opinion of the present, regarded by many as “oppressive” and “brutalist”, replaced by the lightness of glass and steel for the vast majority of public buildings. Often the mass-produced panels are in fact organized in a highly rigid manner, producing a static pattern. While maintaining precast concrete’s economy of repetition, the [Misfit]fit leverages advanced fabrication techniques and reusable moulds in order to move the project beyond pure repetition. Individual panels are designed hermetically, without regard for overall aggregation or adjacent units. As panels juxtapose with one another, their divergence is abrupt and glaringly obvious, allowing each element to be read independently against the larger mass, which begins to be read as a rough stacking of objects in chance equilibrium. Dual readings of continuity and discontinuity animate the surface; parallel curves ripple between the panels as echoes of the recombined mould, while apertures are created through the simple removal of units, allowing for endless flexibility and rendering window openings, doorways, and rooflines as jagged departures from the stacking logic.

‘Misfit’ argues that it is time to explore new ways to combine the efficiency of mass production with the liveliness of concrete, enabling in the [Misfit]fit a newly tenuous coherence producing varied perceptual, formal, and spatial effects.


This is part of KEDD Night, one of many events happening in the King East Design District on Monday, January 21, 6-9pm.

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Batay-Csorba Architects