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My Meal is an Imposter!


Mon, Jan 16, 2017 — Sun, Jan 22, 2017


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Suite 22 Interiors

429 Richmond Street East
Toronto ON
M5A 1R1

Daily Hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


‘My Meal is an Imposter!’

Food culture is a gluttonous mélange of product, sensory curation, and highly crafted experiences. With palates salivating, we RSVP in preparation, wait in long lines, and feast with our eyes through Instagram feeds of tasty concoctions. Historically food has been the means by which we come together, purchased locally, prepared in the home kitchen, and playing a supporting role during conversation between family and friends. Now more than ever we spend less time preparing food for ourselves, preferring to outsource it to the developed skill-set of the culinary class. Filling our body, soul, and phone with sustenance.

‘My Meal is an Imposter!’ constructs an attempt to decipher this fascination with foodie culture. This installation explores the visual emphasis placed on food and plating. If it does not look visually appealing, how can it be uploaded to Instagram? This affects our dining experience and the way in which we relate and communicate with each other. This project combines the beauty of graphic repetition and contrast of colour with foreground sculptural pieces, representing both food and consumer in the overwhelming choices that need to be made with each meal.

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