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Nubo Light


Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 21, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Anti Vice Juicery

853 College Street


Opening reception: Thu, Jan 18, 7-10pm


What can we yield from a curve – in a structure, on a lover, in the stock market, in the path of a particle, on a bell?

Svima collective explores curvature through Nubo Lamp, an iridescent light that is outlandishly bulbous. Nubo is a shapely, sloshing undulating, and pulsing object. The dreamy contours of the lamp allow it to project ever-changing lights and shadows. The lantern channels light into a myriad of hues that change when viewed from various angles. When these rays of light and colour are projected, they transform spaces into shiny dreamlands.

To achieve its sublime shape, Nubo is carefully sculpted through digital software. The elaborate geometry is refined using parametric methods to create a series of smooth triangulations. This way, a lively, anthropomorphic shape emerges from stark linear components.

In this window exhibition, Nubo Lamp transforms the storefront of Anti Vice juicery into a polychromatic environment.

Nubo was produced with the support of the Ryerson DFZ.

Image credits: Svima Inc., Anamarija Korolj, and Leon Lai

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Anamarija Korolj, Leon Lai, Irene Liu, Maggie Cheng