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Phase Change


Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 21, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

The Tempered Room

1374 Queen Street West


Blankets are a tool for care and a source of comfort. Public spaces can provide similar experiences of relief. How do blankets interact with public spaces that are temporary, which will soon change in physical and emotional shape? Framed as a maintenance act, handwoven blankets are draped and left for a short period of time in parks, worksites, bus shelters, and alleyways. These performative actions are documented as an approach to understanding transitional experiences and systems of care.

Phase Change is a textile and photography-based installation of handwoven blankets documented through a window display and lookbook aesthetic. Materials such as translucent nylon, cotton, wool, metal wire, flagging tape, reflective thread, and elastic cording are used to reinterpret patterns associated with woven blankets and quilts. Suspended, the blankets keep their folds as traces of the temporary space they covered.

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Helen Liene Dreifelds