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SK8 is Life


Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Wed, Jan 30, 2019


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Sovereign State

827 Dundas Street West


The Oasis Skateboard Factory with Chief Ladybird and Aura present ‘SK8 is Life’, a series of custom built decks that connects skateboarding to its indigenous roots. ‘SK8 is Life’ explores the importance of water in skateboarding and Indigenous culture. Skateboarding originated as an offshoot of surfing, a technology developed by Indigenous people. As skateboarding has developed into an established sub-culture and million dollar industry, its Indigenous roots are often forgotten. The Oasis Skateboard Factory has partnered with Chief Ladybird and Aura to highlight the evolution from sliding waves to surfing concrete with water themed graphics that reflect both the past and present of Indigenous and Skate culture. The Oasis Skateboard Factory is an alternative TDSB high school program where at-risk youth earn high school credits by running a skateboard building and professional design service.

Chief Ladybird is a First Nations artist from Rama First Nation. Through her art practice, she strives to look to the past to help her navigate her Anishinaabe identity whilst living in an urban space as well as work with at-risk youth to ensure knowledge and skill sharing/development.Aura (Monique Aura Bedard) is an Onyota’a:ka (Oneida) artist, currently based in Tkaronto. She looks to community to collectively explore personal storytelling and truth-sharing.


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Oasis Skateboard Factory, Aura Last, Chief Ladybird