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Still Drawing (2)


Fri, Dec 21, 2018 — Thu, Mar 21, 2019


Window Installations




Stantec Window Gallery

401 Wellington Street West


‘Still Drawing (2)’ is an exploration into geometric forms through shaping and layering hand woven semi-transparent material. This work is inspired by the precision of mathematical drawings, combined with the subtle nuances that come from creating something by hand.

Viewed from afar, ‘Still Drawing (2)’ consists of a graphic two-dimensional pattern that has been drawn on the wall. Upon closer inspection it is revealed that the pattern is created by using a three-dimensional hand woven material. Specifically, this material has been made out of a mixture of cotton yarn and monofilament (also referred to as fishing line).

This installation is a continuation of McCarten’s practice investigating the connection between drawing and textiles through artistic movements such as Op Art, minimalism, and hard edge abstraction.


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Colleen McCarten