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Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Sun, Jan 27, 2019


Window Installations




Province Apothecary

1518 Dundas Street West


Nathan Clarke is a Toronto-based furniture maker and designer. He is a graduate of the furniture design program at Sheridan College and is presently the Director of Craft and Production for Canadian furniture brand Coolican & Company.

Underlying Nathan’s increasingly form-driven work is an unwavering respect for finely crafted objects. This dedication to precision is what originally drew him to the craft as a teenager and it is what continues to motivate his design work today.

‘Studies’ marks Clarke’s return to the DesignTO festival after a couple of years solely focusing on his work with Coolican & Company. Though he remains an integral part of their daily operations, ‘Studies’ reflects Clarke’s resolve to engage with the conversation surrounding craft and design in Toronto.

This new collection is the result of many late nights dreaming up ideas and many long days refining them. A series of complementary turned vessels will join a new bench prototype in representing Clarke’s present direction as a designer.


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Nathan Clarke