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Sweet Sin City


Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 28, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Urban Mode

145 Tecumseth Street


Welcome to Sweet Sin City, a place where you can gratify your sugar addiction and desires.

Sugar culture is an indulgence for our senses, our bellies and our Instagram feed. Each concoction is more elaborate than the last. The growing demand for visually enticing desserts create layers of trends with each layer trying to outshine the previous. It has become difficult to tell whether the visual stimulation or the need to satisfy our sweet tooth is more powerful.

Sweet Sin City is a constructed sugar-scape of towering treats enticing us into a blissful sugar high. Drawing inspiration from beautifully crafted pastries, frosting melanges and cascading candy toppers, our installation seeks to invite the viewer to a city that is at once tantalizing and yet deceptively laden with guilt.

It is a seemingly sweet escape that creates within us an undeniable craving for more. The question becomes: can this craving ever be satiated?

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Natasha Popek-Konieczko, Rex Regua, Noush Irani, Bonnie Leung