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The Sniff Bar


Wed, Jan 18, 2017

11:00 am — 10:00 pm



Location Accessible

Oben Flats Leslieville

1075 Queen Street East
Toronto ON
M4M 1K3

Daily Hours


11:00 am

10:00 pm


Pour yourself a fragrant cocktail, awaken your nose.

Meet the perfumer Tracy Pepe, and tickle your nose with fragrant notes of bergamot, lavender imported from Provence. The Sniff Bar is an interactive scent installation that captures the art of scent design, and promises to unlock your mind and open your creativity well beyond your imagination. Every emphasis has been made to create a sublime space for the discerning urban dweller. The signature scent, is among a number of refined amenities designed to elevate the customer experience.

True to apothecary blending, these raw materials are natural, some organic and all to the quality of Tracy’s palette. This is Scent Design.

Scent | Story | Design | Vibration

Feel the custom aromatic blends created exclusively by Tracy Pepe. Meet an incredible visionary who has been scenting spaces for over twenty years. Learn how scent relates to color, how color impacts design, and how both create the ultimate sensorial experience.

The Space, Oben Flats, is inspired by European living where privileged rentals are the norm. A unique approach to building, Oben Flats’ designs are eclectic, urban, and worldly. It is located at 1075 Queen St E, and hidden beneath the trendy shops, a dining scene known for elaborate brunches, and a tight-knit community; this is Leslieville. Enter this aromatic space and you will be first captivated by a signature scent that has been handcrafted for Oben Flats by perfumer Tracy Pepe.

Take a deep breath, this is the art of an olfactory climax.

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