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The Toronto Using Urban Wood Forum


Tue, Jan 16, 2018

5:30 pm — 9:00 pm



Location Accessible

Registration Desk: Commerce Court, West Tower Lobby

199 Bay St, Toronto, ON


More than 100,000 trees are lost each year in Toronto due to old age, storms, and diseases. These trees are often considered as waste when they are removed. Yet carbon dioxide is permanently removed from the environment when wood is used for building materials or in furniture. A single five-storey building made from wood can cut carbon emissions equivalent to taking 600 cars off the roads of Toronto for a year. The City of Toronto and its local partners is leading the way in utilizing this urban natural resource.

This event will explore the initiatives that have been established to support urban wood utilization, and showcase valuable end uses including furniture and green building designs. Designers, architects, and other industry experts will speak about their salvaged wood designs, and experience working with city trees and how using more local wood in our homes and buildings will help in the climate change fight. NOTE: This forum has been sold out early in previous years.

Following the Forum, a reception will be held in the lobby of the Commerce Court, West Tower where the IIDEX Woodshop Exhibit will display the 15 prototypes. There, people can meet the IIDEX Woodshop designers and Forum speakers. Walk-ins welcome for the reception. Information on the IIDEX Woodshop Exhibit can be found here designto.org/event/iidex-woodshop-3.

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Dave Bowick, President, Blackwell Structural Engineers
Gary Williams, President, Timber Systems Limited
Jenny McMinn, Managing Director, Urban Equation
Megan Torza, Partner, DTAH Architects
Patrick Chouinard, Founder & CEO, Element5
Ian Chodikoff, Director, Marketing & Programming, IIDEXCanada