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What is Your Story?


Fri, Jan 18, 2019 — Sun, Jan 27, 2019


Window Installations



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Pandemonium Books

2920 Dundas Street West


There are very few burdens greater than carrying the weight of an untold story. People constantly have trouble finding their voice and sharing their stories for fear of being judged. Books, however, are the silent storyteller. They are a form of expression that can contain so many thoughts and feelings without ever having to speak. If more people dared to be vocal with their emotions and experiences, it would undoubtedly uncover that nobody is as alone in their problems as they sometimes feel. Through our book display, ‘What is your story?’, we showcase a small fraction of the many stories that real people all over the world are too afraid to say out loud. Viewers can read the anonymous, handwritten stories in these books and respond to them, using postcards that will eventually be sent back to the original writer. This back and forth interaction creates a connection and an understanding of solidarity. The person who initially shared their story ends up receiving responses to it, indicating that their voice was finally heard.

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Tania Saliba, Maria Ortega, Daniela Kelloway, Meaghan Kennedy, Sidney Brinson, Leslie Creswell, Diego Perez, Tijana Stevanovic, Ashley Touchton, Veronica Orecchia, Colleen Chen