Routine to Ritual
Jan 17
Jan 26 2020
window installation

How does an object influence the way you think, act, and feel? Can it elevate routine tasks and transform them into ritual moments of personal significance? What if design could be used to understand and amplify the inherent ritual properties of an object?

So many of our daily interactions with the material world are routine—brief, unconscious, and insignificant—but each one is an opportunity for contemplation and emotional satisfaction. Consider the most mundane of acts: putting on your shoes. With the right tool in hand, this task could become a singular event—a delightful moment that ripples throughout your day. All by design. All in the form, function, and material quality of the object.

In collaboration with Monocle, Coolican & Company have designed a limited edition shoe horn. In doing so, they explore how objects turn routine into ritual.


Coolican & Company


Routine to Ritual


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