DesignTO Festival - January 24 - February 2, 2025
Celebrate DesignTO's 15th Birthday at the 2025 Festival!
Be a part of this milestone celebration! There are many ways to participate in the 2025 DesignTO Festival.
Call for Submissions: 2025 DesignTO Festival
NOW OPEN: Call for Independent Projects
Submit your Event, Exhibition or Window Installation to be part of Toronto’s design week, January 24 – February 2, 2025!
Call for Submissions: 2025 DesignTO Festival
NOW OPEN: Thematic Exhibition Call for Submissions
'REVIVE' is an exhibition calling to preserve and celebrate sacred and vulnerable creative practices and materials.
Call for Submissions: 2025 DesignTO Festival
NOW OPEN: Group Exhibition Call for Submissions
‘Hurry Up and Wait’, an industrial design exhibition that offers innovative solutions to slowing down in the hustle and bustle of Toronto's Union Station.
Call for Submissions: 2025 DesignTO Festival
NOW OPEN: Prototype Exhibition Call for Submissions
Going into its tenth year, ‘Surface Impressions’ is the latest edition of the annual prototype exhibition organized by DesignTO in partnership with Umbra.
Call for Submissions: 2025 DesignTO Festival
NOW OPEN: DesignTO Talks Call for Submissions
‘Net Positive’ invites designers and thinkers to explore design responses to the climate crisis from a perspective of abundance.
Call for Submissions: 2025 DesignTO Festival
NOW OPEN: Call for Guest Designers
If you have a project you’d like to showcase, but have no venue, then we want to hear from you!
DesignTO Membership
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DesignTO Members are key in helping us fulfill our mission to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of design and its role in creating a sustainable, just and joyful world.
DesignTO Festival - January 19-28, 2024
Celebrate DesignTO all year long w/ the 2024 Festival print!
Emblazoned with the 2024 Look & Feel designed by Amir Khoshnevis and Aaryan Pashine, the limited edition and standard prints celebrate a new form of artistic expression with coded illustrations.
DesignTO Blog
All About DesignTO’s 2024 Look and Feel
Learn about the 2024 look and feel, created by Aaryan Pashine and Amir Khoshnevis, alongside Hwa-jin Jun, the designer behind our 2023 look and feel
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DesignTO is best known for the non-profit DesignTO Festival, Canada’s leading and largest annual design festival that celebrates design’s role in creating a sustainable, just and joyful world with 100+ free exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week every January.

DesignTO is Canada's leading design festival shaping a sustainable, just, and joyful world.
DesignTO was founded in 2010 as the Toronto Design Offsite Festival by a group of seven creatives and held its first annual event in January 2011.
Since 2011, DesignTO has welcomed nearly one million visitors, showcasing over 6,000 artists and designers.
DesignTO promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion, with diverse representation across its team and board.
DesignTO's annual festival attracted 161 K+ visitors in 2023 and almost 1 million since 2011, cementing its place in Toronto's cultural design scene.

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