Programs Assistant
adé abegunde

adé is an interdisciplinary artist and designer and recent graduate of OCAD University’s Environmental Design program. Her work explores…

Programs Coordinator
Amanda Low

Amanda is a new media artist who creates narratives told through the web medium. With a degree in experimental…

Special Projects Coordinator
Anna Kao

Anna is an architect with a Bachelor of Architecture (University of Toronto). She lived and worked extensively in Hong Kong,…

Membership Coordinator
Anna Vander Meij

Anna worked for 15 years in sales and marketing at Thomson Reuters Canada, and is now enjoying retirement.

Content Writer
Carmel Garvez

With an interest in the arts, community, and environmental sustainability, Carmel is a marketing and communications professional with over…

Artistic Director
Deborah Wang

Deborah is a curator and designer, with a broad range of experiences in contemporary art, design and architecture that…

Events & Volunteer Coordinator
Emily Christie

Emily has an Honours BA in Anthropology (York University), and a Graduate Certificate in Museum and Gallery Studies (Georgian…

Executive Director
Jeremy Vandermeij

Creating and managing businesses of various sizes, Jeremy has worked at Informa Canada, the Gladstone Hotel, Ryerson University, and…

Exhibitions & Design Assistant
Kelsey Miner

Kelsey is an environmental graphic designer who has lived in Newfoundland, Spain, Michigan, Australia, and more. With a BA…

Web Designer & Developer
Kenson Chan

Kenson is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in web design and development, digital signage, and branding. With a background in…

Content Writer
Kerala Woods

With a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Art History and Microbiology (University of Guelph), Kerala is a freelance writer…

Head of Marketing
Michael Madjus

Michael has over 10 years of experience in design, marketing, and social media. With a degree in industrial design…

Marketing + Production Liaison
Nadia Yau

Nadia specialises in marketing, communication, and production for arts and culture organizations. She holds a Masters in Art Business…

Programs Coordinator
Olga Klosowski Schellenberg

With a BFA in art and art history (University of Toronto), Olga is an artist, administrator, and part-time educator…

Head of Programming
Robyn Wilcox

Robyn is an arts administrator and programmer who holds a Master of Architecture (post-professional, McGill University). For over six…

Programs Coordinator
Safoura Zahedi

Born in Tokyo, and raised in Tehran and Toronto, Safoura holds a Master of Architecture (University of Toronto) and…

Strategic Advisor
Simon Mhanna

Simon is a strategic multidisciplinary designer and researcher. His career has spanned multiple countries and disciplines from creative direction…

Programs Coordinator
Victoria Chin

Having lived both locally and abroad, Victoria is an independent designer and emerging ceramic artist. She holds a Bachelor…

Brand + Design

aftermodern.lab, 2021 Festival Look & Feel and Visual Communications
Mike Spears, App/Mobile Design

Public Relations + Publicity

Brill Communications


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