DesignTO Youth

Established in 2019, DesignTO Youth is a program that provides youth with access to creative disciplines and professionals. The program works with local artists and designers and community collaborators like schools, non-profit organizations, and community groups that are already actively engaging with youth.

Working together to create a more sustainable, just and joyful future, we craft a program that teaches art and design skills through hands-on workshops, talks, studio tours, and mentorship. Youth work together with their mentors to create work that will be presented at the DesignTO Festival each January.

If you are interested in participating in DesignTO Youth as a community collaborator or sponsor please contact [email protected].

DesignTO Youth Mission

Connect youth with creative learning opportunities and their local communities. Connect artists and designers with opportunities to engage with new creative communities.

Share the skills and expertise of design professionals. Share the skills and creativity of youth with designers.

Engage youth and designers in community-based arts creation.

Improve the chances of youth pursuing creative sector education or employment and designers’ likelihood of working with new communities.