DesignTO Youth: Blueprint
Jan 20
Feb 11 2023
DesignTO projectexhibition in-person

‘Blueprint’ is a group exhibition featuring 10 young artists and designers. Inspired by a DesignTO Youth six-week residency program, these youth create new work that considers the future of Toronto as they envision it.

Inspired by talks and workshops from Em Dial, jade guthrie, Aisha Jallow, Pree Rehal, Chiyi Tam, and Urban Minds (Jane Law and Patti Menko), the youth were prompted to engage with the city and think about its future in these ways:

Toronto is an ever-evolving city. As creatives, we hope to inspire some of it while keeping our communities and land in mind. As the skyline of the city is being filled in, we return its blueprint to you: What does your future Toronto look like? How can we evolve while honouring the places and spaces that have carried and given us room to grow? What do you want to see in Toronto? How can we work toward and reclaim a more accessible home for us all?

Organized by DesignTO in partnership with JAYU. Supported by the City of Toronto (Economic Development & Culture), Government of Ontario, Pivot Design Group, and Entro.

DesignTO brings people together to design a better future, one that is more sustainable, just, and joyful. We curate exhibitions, presentations and educational programming to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of design, and hope to embolden all Canadians to participate in making a future where people and planet are thriving again.


Joy Adeyemi

Photography is a gift. It has been so beneficial in aiding my understanding of the world and constructing my imagination. I believe this sentiment is essential for any creative and has been my foundation. As I continue on my path, I hope to produce art that speaks to the beauty of humanity and nature, share stories from my mind, and explore the best techniques to express myself.


I have always been very passionate about visual arts. I consider myself a creative spirit. I really enjoy trying different artistic practices. I learned that I could use my photography to spark change and to get people thinking about important issues. I like creating pieces that make people feel happy, inspired, and excited. I hope to use my skills to do just that and more.

Martin Gomes

I am a downtown Toronto born and based poet and musician. Currently, I work as an artist facilitator with various non-profit organizations such as Unity, Lakeshore Arts, JAYU, VIBEarts, and Shakespeare in Action, where I create spaces for youth to express themselves via the artistic mediums of poetry and beatboxing. With my poetry and music, I wish to spread messages of authenticity, empathy, and the importance of listening.

Mobólúwajídìde D. Joseph

Mobólúwajídìde D. Joseph is a Nigerian writer who lives in Toronto. He recently completed his BA in Communications & Creative Writing at Glendon College, York University, and is currently an MA candidate in Geography at the University of Toronto. An essayist, literary critic, and poet, Bo has had work published in the Literary Review of Canada, The Republic, MuseMedusa, and Existere. His poem “River Boys” will be republished later this fall in the latest Best Canadian Poetry anthology by Biblioasis.

Nishina Loft

I am an artist who loves working within different fields, to create in different ways, and learn new methods. I use my cultural teachings to influence my art and create education for non-indigenous people. I continue to grow within my field and explore new opportunities.

Samantha Lu

I am an emerging artist based in Toronto. My creative practice largely captures the mundane in daily life. I direct the eyes and mind to overlooked objects, interactions, occurrences, and relationship dynamics. With portrait photography, I tend to document folks existing in their personal interpretation of comfort as a way to normalize and celebrate difference.

Joan Nuguid

I’m a recent graduate with a focus on experimental and narrative animation. My creative practice is quite diverse. Drawing from my own experiences and inner musings, I use animations to explore questions of identity, land placement, and relationships (human and non-human).

Theia Ramsammy

I am a multimedia artist based in Toronto. I enjoy working from a variety of disciplines to build interesting images and express stories. Subjects I find myself leaning into often are mental health, nature, queerness, intimacy, process, and community, among other things. 

Shammah Salwa

I am an emerging multidisciplinary artist practicing documentary photography and film. The common subjects I explore in my work include issues of urban waste management, food in/security, climate change, and rights to water. I believe that creating environmental artwork requires a radical futures perspective which means imagining a city, bioregion, traditional territory where the next couple of generations have the means to thrive to their fullest potential and not simply survive day-to-day under an ecological crisis.

Jaidah-Leigh Wyatt

I’m a writer first and foremost, which makes me a storyteller. I like to bring my words to life through visual mediums, whether that be film, photography or audio based projects. My goal is to put a mirror in front of my audience, and hope that they learn something about themselves and the things around them.



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