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Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 21, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Muddy George

973 Bloor Street West


Opening reception: Tue, Jan 16, 7-10pm


On the east coast of Canada, there are tall grasses that grow near the coastline, known as marram grass, a hardy plant species that stabilizes sand dunes. The grasses are thick and lush in the warmer months, and weather into golden strands as fall and winter set in. Repeated gusts of harsh wind off the water carve ghostly patterns among the grass. The windswept grasses embody visible traces of the wind’s course, and become a humble reminder of the elusive and untameable force of nature.

“Traces” is a sculptural installation made up of over 30 small paintings of coastal landscape on copper that have been deconstructed into thin lengths that mimic weathered marram grass. The imagery of the original paintings become unwoven and obscured imprints of the environmental conditions of the coast. Opaque brushstrokes and controlled hints of metal come together to conjure echoing sounds of the ocean, while forming a static snapshot of faded memories. Although marram grass can withstand extreme coastal weather, and tolerate human encounter, it always seems to carry visible traces of all that passes through.

All images by artist.

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K. Claire MacDonald