Photo by Vai Yu Law

Earlier this month our artistic director Deborah Wang, was featured on Dear Seekers!

Dear Seekers is a podcast exploring and celebrating the art and practice and Seeking. Through conversations with interesting, intriguing, and insightful women, their goal is to encourage listeners to continue seeking deeper within themselves, and the people, places, and products around them.

Find out what Deborah had to say about architecture, death, DesignTO and more below. And make sure to listen to the full podcast!

On death and memory:

So much about architecture is about relationships and culture and people. Our relationship with people who have died continues onwards and a lot of that happens through objects, and memories obviously too, but definitely through matter; things.

On the origins of DesignTO:

We didn’t really know we were starting a festival is what I say, which is, I think, totally true. We knew we were starting something we just didn’t know it was called a festival.

On DesignTO’s 10th Anniversary:

We’re coming up onto our 10th year which will be in January. It’s also a time for reflection. We’ve changed over the ten years, the organization has always been very much about our collective values and always respecting that. So have those values changed?

Look out for Deborah and our entire team this January during DesignTO 2020. Check out our full schedule to learn about the insightful, talks, exhibits, events and more we’ll be sharing during our 10th Anniversary festival!

All photos by Vai Yu Law, courtesy of Dear Seekers.