Dustin Kroft is a 2019 DesignTO Ambassador. He is a representative of DesignTO Festival’s creative community. As a leader of Toronto design locally and globally, he is an excellent resource for Festival information and a familiar face at Festival events. Learn more about him below.

Meet Dustin in person at Designer Drinks on November 6, 2018. Click here to RSVP for the event. 

Dustin Kroft’s second act as a furniture designer and maker started after a long career in the service industry. Kroft, an architecture buff and creative thinker, had an aching feeling that something was amiss in his work life. After 14 years in his first business, he decided to sell his company to pursue a more creative and design driven vocation. The timing of this sale coincided with an academic and personal pursuit of fine furniture making and design which helped him flow from one field to another. Risking everything, he knew that his passion for design could be leaned on as he started a new business from scratch.

After setting up shop and finding accomplished furniture makers to join his team, Kroft set out to build a furniture brand that would aim to democratize good design and well made home goods.

Today, KROFT is a thriving local manufacturer that is focused on developing its line of furniture and objects and working with Architects and Designers on custom commissions and projects. Their work is included in various residential, commercial and hospitality projects around the globe.