Through the ‘Meet our Members’ series, we introduce you to DesignTO Members supporting our efforts to provide accessible public programming to our community. Together we celebrate design’s role in creating a sustainable, just and joyful world.

Member Name

Başak Duman

What is your profession?

Interior Designer

Why did you become a DesignTO Member?

It’s great to be a part of the Toronto design community. Designers and design thinking should be supported and highlighted in every possible way for a better world in the future. I wanted to do my part to support DesignTO by becoming a member.

What impact do you think DesignTO has?Why do you think DesignTO and its events and programming are important?

It is very important for people to feel that they belong to the city they live in. I believe DesignTO is playing a huge part in that sense of belonging by helping a lot with building the “city identity” for Toronto and Torontonians. 

What is your favourite thing DesignTO does?

Networking events are my favourite. Meeting new people is always inspiring for me.

What are your fondest DesignTO memories?

I attended a design discussion at Mason Studio where I met the co-directors of DesignTO. It was such an amazing night talking about design theory. I realized that night how powerful and international the design language is.  

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