Jugando a Sanar
Jan 22
Jan 31 2024
window installation in-person

‘Jugando a Sanar’ is a series of sculptural pieces by Nadira Narine that explore themes of childhood trauma and dopamine decor and their relationship to each other. In this series, Nadira expresses her innermost feelings by incorporating objects and memories of her childhood into her art, creating a whimsically lighthearted yet emotionally-driven experience. Experimenting with a variety of colours, shapes and patterns that are usually found in dopamine decor she hopes to evoke nostalgia, healing and positivity by creating a dreamscape, inviting viewers to reflect on and heal their inner child.

Her colourful creations have allowed her to reconnect with the joyful feeling of being a child, and to take ownership of her own healing journey.

“I strive to foster a sense of hope in healing trauma, to give voice to what is often silenced and to share that art can be a catalyst for empowerment.”

– Nadira Narine


Nadira Narine


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Nadira Narine
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