Life Line
Jan 20
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

‘Lifeline’, a swing installation by Adrianne Bou-zaid and Raha Shahi, was inspired by the very rope of which it is made. Known as a “lifeline”, this rope is used for the safety and protection of individuals working at heights. After a period of use the rope must be replaced. As a result, thousands of feet of rope are discarded into landfills every year. ‘Life Line’ reuses waste material, while figuratively maintaining its original purpose of supporting human life. The swing is constructed from 99% recycled materials, including approximately 300ft of rope and reclaimed wood.

‘Life Line’ can be viewed 24/7 from outside or from inside the venue during open hours.


Adrianne Bou-zaid, Raha Shahi


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Heather Willis
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It will be available in large format
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