What are the benefits of getting published locally and internationally? Why is media coverage so important for design and architecture professionals?

As a designer or architect, it’s important to promote your work. According to Co-founder and Partner of v2com, Julie Payette, getting media coverage has many benefits for growing your business – and it’s often very affordable.

 For more than 25 years, DesignTO media partner v2com has been helping designers and architects get published in the world’s most prestigious publications through its newswire and media relations work. Without further ado, here are our top five benefits of getting coverage.


1. Exposure to a wide audience

Media coverage means getting your firm and projects seen by a wide, but still targeted, audience. Specialized and general media are important tools for getting your projects seen by readers who may be difficult to reach, exposing your content to a new network.

 Surprisingly, media exposure to a large audience is not simply about landing new clients; it’s also about boosting your reputation and name recognition among prospective and existing clients alike.

2. Reap the benefits of objective recognition

An article in an influential publication is unlike any traditional form of publicity. Because it is objective recognition from a credible source, readers are more likely to trust you and your content thanks to the outlet’s credibility. There are a few different ways to gauge a publication’s reputation, including the editorial team, the quality and quantity of readers, the quality and quantity of articles and exclusive content.

3. Boost your reputation

Not only does media coverage help you reach potential clients, it makes a big contribution to growing your reputation – and that’s another path to landing more contracts. One of the goals and benefits of media coverage is building credibility and name recognition among your clientele, whether it’s local or international. If your work is recognized by high-profile media and experts both at home and abroad, your potential clients won’t just be reassured, they’ll be truly impressed.

4. Shape your brand image

Aside from showcasing your latest project, an article can give your firm an opportunity to send an important message and build your brand and tell journalists what you want to say about yourself. That level of control allows you to build a strong bond with your audience, building a stronger image while reinforcing the message that your company is hard at work achieving great things.

5. Create business opportunities

As we’ve already seen, media coverage will boost your visibility, credibility and name recognition. Whether directly or indirectly, media coverage can also lead to excellent business opportunities and exciting new contracts. New contracts aside, business opportunities can also come in the form of new local or international business partnerships, participation in events, competitions, serving on competition juries, invitations to speak at conferences, and more.


Co-founder and Partner of v2com, Julie Payette is an international publicist specializing in design and architecture for more than 25 years. Julie remains focused on the highest standards of design.

“We’ve been thrilled to partner with DesignTO for several years by promoting emerging talents showcased through the festival which has impressively evolved since the beginning. Their engagement with the community making design accessible to the public is an essential and precious contribution to the industry.” – Julie Payette

To discuss your media strategy and learn more about the benefits of local and international coverage, feel free to contact Julie Payette, jpayette@v2com-newswire.

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This article is an adaptation of the August 2020 v2com article “Why do designers and architects need media coverage?” provided by v2com Co-founder and Partner, Julie Payette.