¡( What About the Kids | Et les enfants, alors !)
Apr 08
Apr 17 2022
window installation in-person

“This project emerged from reflecting on the found objects we choose to integrate into our art and what they reveal about ourselves. This got me thinking about how obsolete objects and daily waste assembled in the making of a new piece could relate to the random combination of ancestral DNA. Each piece is unique just as we are.

Extending my recent work on household waste to found objects and non-reusable waste, I wanted to create fun, whimsical and usable pieces. Considering how the last two years have impacted our lives, the pieces are made to bring joy and comfort to children.

This project is a physical and virtual experience combining illustrations and design through the use of AR technology to create fun, interactive moments that will reveal the spiritual character of each piece. The creations have unique personalities, just like the children who interact with them.

The design process is similar to my previous body of work, with a few variations: using the found object as the structure, building the shape with non-recyclable waste, wrapping it with papier mâché, then sealing it with cardboard pulp. Paint, varnish and resin are the finishing touch.

Through a playful approach, this project is intended to raise children’s awareness about the importance and benefits of the “3Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle), as well as to cause adults to reflect on the kind of future we are offering the young generations.

Moving forward, I hope that this project will lead to children’s eco-art workshops and collaborations with nonprofit organizations addressing child abuse.”

– Christine Tatilon

Christine Tatilon would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council.


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WATK project - Waste Me Not - Art work Christine Tatilon
WATK project - Process1 - Art work Christine Tatilon
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¡( What About The Kids project | Et les enfants, alors !) - Art work Christine Tatilon