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Toronto born architect, Omar Gandhi, has been making waves in the design industry since he first launched his architecture firm, Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., in 2010. With studios based in Halifax and Toronto, Omar Gandhi Architect Inc. has been successfully paving the way for other young aspiring architects in the industry. Most recently featured on Dezeen, OG’s Fyren House is one of their many unique residential gems to be found in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dan Howarth of dezeen, gives us a glimpse into this notable residence in his article ‘Omar Gandhi’s Fyren house is a hilltop beacon above Halifax’. Howarth states that “[o]verlooking the coastal city of Halifax, Canada, this hilltop house by architect Omar Gandhi is made up [of] black cuboids stacked at slightly different angles to offer a variety of views. Gandhi designed the Fyren house as “a beacon high atop the hillside”. It sits at one of the highest points in the area, known as Purcell’s Cove, with vistas of Point Pleasant Park and the open ocean.”

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